This incident has created a stir on the social media for last two days. Most people were questioning why is Moushumi keeping silent? Finally Moushumi talked on the issue in an audio clip, released on Monday morning.

In that 2 minute 23 second-long audio message sent to Prothom Alo Moushumi said, “I believe, there was no need to drag me into this. I am very fond of Zayed. He also respect me. We share a very good work relationship."

"There’s no question of him disrespecting me and I don’t see anything unpleasant in him except good qualities. I didn’t notice anything that can create a misunderstanding. He is a good boy and he never disrespected me," she added.

Questioning why the incident is being brought up again and again Moushumi added, “Why is it being circulated that he has disturbed me, harassed me? I really don’t know why is this happening. This is simply our personal issue and it should have been solved privately. I believe there was no such fault on Zayed’s part; I don’t find his fault here.”


She continued, “I have one other thing to say, I don’t understand why Omar Sani, whom we have been respecting so much, is getting so much pleasure in humiliating me. If there’s any problem with me, those should be solved with me indeed. At least that’s what I expect.”

She also said, “Whenever journalists come across a news, they publish it right away without discussion which is unwarranted. They should discuss first. As I was part of it, they should ask me about the matter."

"His statement was one-sided, it was essential to know whether I had anything to say or complain. That’s why this audio clip is important. Either necessarily or unnecessarily, my name should not be drawn here anyhow,” she further added.

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