Shakib Khan has claimed, he didn’t buy you a nose pin on your birthday. He even labeled his relationship with you as past. What do you have to say to that?

I have been astonished to see his interview. The way he has commented in the interview, is humiliating for me. Because, the statement he has given regarding the birthday present, I just can’t think how he could deny such a special thing.

The news of the gift is from four or five days ago. Why did he comment on this after so many days and deny it! I don’t understand. I leave this matter to my fans and followers.

But, don’t you have anything to say on this issue?

What else can I say! I have said it before, what more can I say! To say anything, I’ll have to come up with proof now. Seeing the situation, it seems like that’s the only thing left to do.

However, I have doubts about Shakib Khan’s interview from today and someone third’s Facebook activities from the past few days. Suddenly someone third has come between us.

The issue of posting a status on Facebook, sharing the news link about my birthday gift has come to my attention. Besides, you have been sensing her issue on Facebook for the last few months. This third party hadn’t behaved like this with me for quite a long time.

Just out of the blue, she has been posting statuses on the Facebook mocking such a beautiful thing. I don’t want to utter her name. You can understand who it is it from her Facebook over the past few days. I have a suspicion about the whole issue.  

How so?

When you deeply think of the issue from third party posting status for several days and Shakib making a comment today, you’ll get to understand that. I’m doubtful after such behavior from Shakib Khan today. I feel that someone third has been fueling this.

Shakib Khan could be under pressure from that party as well. Whether these are preparations to set the ground of her past relationship with Shakib Khan or not, is a topic to consider as well. Otherwise, why would Shakib Khan act like this to me, all of a sudden!

What do you plan to do now?

I should now bring up the whole issue from before and after the marriage with Shakib Khan in front of everyone. I’m being led to that position indeed through various mental pressures.

I wish to clear out those issues soon and let everyone know. That’s what I’m preparing for. I can’t take these lies any longer.