‘Amar E Gaan’: Aurthohin back with new music video after six years

Aurthohin, Bangladesh’s one of the popular bands, finally returned with a brand new music video “Amar E Gaan” Wednesday after six years.

The band remained inactive for four years and has not released any new music videos in the last six years due to the physical condition of its founding member Saidus Salehin Khaled, also popularly known as Bassbaba Sumon.

Sumon returned to the music scene last year and Aurthohin began performing in several concerts this year. Sumon said the bank was going to release their new album “Phoenix er Diary-1” this year and part two will be released next year.

The music video for “Amar E Gaan” premiered on the YouTube channel of Bassbaba Sumon and Aurthohin, starring Imtiaz Borshon and the members of Aurthohin. The song, tuned by Sumon and written by Md Imtiazul Anwar and Sumon himself, has been garnering critical acclaim from the fans on social media since its release.

“Amar E Gaan is not just a song. It’s not just a music video. It is sheer love and respect to all Aurthohin fans for the unconditional love and support they have given us throughout our best and worst times,” Aurthohin said.

Tuesday, the band announced the release and details of Amar E Gaan at Samsung’s BTI Landmark showroom in the capital’s Gulshan Avenue.

At the event, Sumon said: “We have not been together and created new music for almost four years. Creating new music from that state was the first challenge, as Aurthohin’s songs have always been focused on melody and meaningful lyrics. We wanted to make the song in such a way that the listeners can relate the song to themselves.”

“I have been overwhelmed by the support of our fans, as I have recently returned to music from a challenging time in my life. From us, this song is a tribute to all of our fans and admirers,” Sumon added.