Music Against Hunger 2020 on 23-24 May

Bringing the joy of Eid-ul-Fitr to everyone amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Resource Coordination Network Bangladesh (RCNB) is organising a one-of-a-kind online concert and fundraiser, Music Against Hunger 2020, on 23 and 24 May. This event will provide viewers the opportunity to donate towards vulnerable and marginalised families in various parts of Bangladesh impacted by the current pandemic-imposed lockdowns. The event will also raise funds for Bangladeshi session musicians, whose livelihoods have been severely affected by COVID-19. RCNB is a resource sharing network and currently engaged in targeted relief efforts and food delivery to vulnerable and deprived communities across Bangladesh, amid the ongoing pandemic.

Four major singers of Bangladesh - Topu, Tahsan, Minar and Rafa - will be performing live.


Music Against Hunger 2020 is supported by Closeup. Streaming partners for Music Against Hunger 2020 are ABC Radio and Bioscope.Public Health Foundation, Bangladesh as a registered Civil Society Organisation will collect all the donations inside Bangladesh.

Dhroopad, an American tax-exempt charitable foundation based in Virginia will accept all the international concert donations.

All collected donations will later be distributed as targeted food relief in various parts of Bangladesh by RCNB’s network of volunteers., a Bangladesh-based crowd funding platform will act as the donation aggregator platform inside Bangladesh.

Event Details:May 23 Rafa and TahsanBangladesh 10 p.m. | London 6 p.m. | New York 12 p.m. May 24 Minar and TopuBangladesh 10 p.m. | London 6 p.m. | New York 12 p.m. Hosted by Zunaed Rabbani and Juneyna Kabir

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Media Contact: Mahia Rahman, Co-Founder, Resource Coordination Network Bangladesh Tel: +88-0167-488-7474Email: