Sabina Yasmin returns home after three and a half months of treatment

Sabina Yasmin
Prothom Alo

After undergoing treatment at Singapore General Hospital for three and a half long months, celebrated singer Sabina Yasmin has returned to Bangladesh on 31 May. Currently she is at home in Dhaka.

She will have to go to Singapore again towards the end of this month for a routine checkup. Daughter Fairooz Yasmeen Badhan confirmed the news to Prothom Alo today, Monday morning.

Bahan said, "Mom had to go to Singapore for routine checkup. Later, physicians after diagnosis found some problems with her teeth. She had surgery on 7 February. Following the surgery mom had to go through radiotherapy."

Sabina Yasmin with her daughter Badhan.

"Meanwhile, the radiotherapy course ended but caused some side effects. For the next one year, mom has to go to Singapore at regular breaks and follow the physician’s advice," she added.

Last February rumours arose that Sabina Yasmin has been diagnosed with cancer again and speculations abound on social media. Quite a few mainstream media also published news of Sabina Yasmin being diagnosed with cancer.

The news of this acclaimed singer from Bangladesh struggling with cancer spread to the Indian media as well. There arose questions about what’s the actual reality? Clarifying everything, Sabina Yasmin then sent out a message to the people.

Sabina Yasmin
Courtesy of the singer

In that message, she had said that she was in Singapore then for routine checkup. At the same time, the artiste herself complained that she has been finding misleading information about her physical condition from the social media as well as from the mainstream media.    

In Sabina Yasmin’s words, “I am Sabina Yasmin. I go to Singapore every year for routine checkup. This time was no different either. But, there were some issues with my teeth in the checkup this time. In this condition, there was a minor surgery in my teeth on 7 February which became successful. Next I will follow the guidance of the physicians and then I will return to the country with your prayers Inshallah.”

Sabina Yasmin
Courtesy of the singer

This veteran singer also requested everyone not to create confusion unnecessarily by putting misleading information on the social media or in the news. This type of news turns into a cause grief for herself as well as her fans spread throughout the globe, stated the timeless singer.

Sabina Yasmin has been a famed name in the music industry for more than five decades now. She has worked with two of the revered singers of the subcontinent, Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar also. This legendary singer has won the national film awards 14 times from doing playback in films. She has also won the Ekushey Padak and the Swadhinata Purashakar for her contribution in music.

Sabina Yasmin first sung as a child artiste in Robin Ghosh’s composition back in 1962. Lastly, she did a playback in the film ‘Ei Tumi Shei Tumi’, directed by actress Kabori in 2020. Not just that, for the very first time Sabina also composed four songs of that film.

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