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BTS stage performanceCollected

In this time of pandemic, BTS, the most popular K-pop boy group, is going to make their fans extremely happy with some good news, four pieces of good news actually! BTS fans will be thrilled.

DYNAMITE: not a bomb, but a song

The first good news is that BTS is set to premier a new single called ‘Dynamite’ at the

MTV Video Music Award (VMAs) on 30 August and YouTube on 21 August this year. The group is currently moving to capitalise on their success outside Asia, as they are set to debut ‘Dynamite’ as their first English-language single.


According to the Korean septet, the song was initially intended to be part of its new album targeted for a fall release. “We decided to pre-release the single due to our wish to present it as soon as possible," BTS leader RM said while previewing the song on July 26 on the band's Naver's V Live platform. "We also hope to provide some immediate energy to fans who may be going through tough times due to the new coronavirus crisis.” It’s time for them to make their television debut for the new song.


BTS breaking the silence

The second good news is BTS is going to release their fourth official documentary movie ‘Break The Silence’ this September. If you're thrilled about catching up on the unexplored journey of BTS with 'Break the Silence', here is everything you ought to know.

The movie comes after the seven-part series ‘Break the Silence’, which was released on 12 May on the app Weverse. The movie, which also chronicles their 2019 ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ world tour, hits theatres worldwide on 10 September releasing, followed by the film’s premiere in US theatres beginning 24 September. Tickets can be purchased directly from their website. Their 2019 tour traveled over the US, South America, Europe, and Asia, and the film includes footage from the trek, which was the band’s first international stadium tour. The film also tells us “each band member behind the curtain,” where each bandmate shares their untold personal stories during the film.


Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar said in an interview that they are delighted to partner with Big Hit Entertainment on the release and they are looking forward to welcoming the ARMY back to cinemas for this must-see BTS big-screen experience. However, locations and dates are subject to change, most likely due to the ongoing pandemic, and with rules on social distancing in many other countries.


This is really good news for the BTS ARMY’s (BTS’s fandom is called ARMY: Adorable Representative MC for Youth). But also there is a bit of bad news which is that it may not be dropping in where you live.

Even though the coronavirus ruined their tour this year, BTS has filled the summer for their precious fans. In June, they broke a Guinness World Record with their virtual concert. Now fans are getting a new single and a movie release. It’s simply what the fans deserve.

In the forest with BTS

The third news is BTS is coming out with a new reality show called ‘In the SOOP BTS Ver’ which will see the septet embark into the woods for a healing trip. Soop means forest in the Korean language. The show will start from 19 August to 7 October on JTBC and will also be available on Weverse app from 20 August to 6 October 6, 2020. On JTBC we will see the boys spend time in activities that are "somewhere in between everyday life and leisure."


As for Weverse, we will also get eight behind-the-scenes 10-minute clips. In the teasers, we get a bird's-eye view at the location, specifically Lake 192 in Korea where BTS members are.


You can hear the members of BTS talking about the concept of this series. “I think we will be able to show our natural selves” – Taehyung. “Like this, we are reviving the emotions that had been forgotten among us” – Hoseok. It looks like the happy campers will be fishing, painting, relaxing in the hammock, canoeing, cooking, chopping wood, playing games, and more fun outdoors. RM the leader of BTS considers it as a gift to them.



The fourth and last good news for ARMY’s are BTS is also going to hold concerts on 10 and 11 October named 'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’. And it will be performed with online streaming and offline performances. Big Hit Entertainment explained, "For offline performances, only some seats will be opened in order to observe the distance between the auditoriums in accordance with the local government's guidelines for the pandemic." Details related to the concert will be announced later.

BTS ARMY’s are already jumping in of excitement. Aren’t you too?

Rumaiysa M Rahman is a 9th grader at Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, Dhaka. She can be contacted at