Interview: Shahiduzzaman Selim
Interview: Shahiduzzaman SelimProthom Alo

Actor Shahiduzzaman Selim turned 60 on Tuesday. He spent his birthday with his family. The veteran actor spoke to Prothom Alo about the special day and more

“I spent last night with my wife and my elder daughter. Then Afsana Mimi gave a surprise by turning up at my house. She has been my co-actor for long. We cut the cake at the stroke of midnight. Wishes have been pouring in since the morning. My family and co-actors also came over. I spent time with them, got many gifts. I am having a great time.”

Actor Shahiduzzaman Selim was describing his 60th birthday.

To him, his two daughters are his biggest achievement in these 60 years. “I think I have been able to bring them up well,” he says.


Do he have any regrets in his acting career?

An actor will always have some unfulfilled wants and so do I. I didn’t even know what it is! However, I want to do even better work ahead.

Whose birthday wish delighted Shahiduzzaman Selim the most?

“Wishes from my family and everyone delighted me,” he says. “I have two families now. I got my second family after becoming the patron of the Obhinoy Shipli Shangha (Actors’ Guild). When people from this family, my co-workers and seniors wish me, it makes me emotional.”

What more does he have to give to his fans, family and organisation?

I am an idealistic person. I believe in ideals. I want to create a working environment for my family, theater and my area. People close to me, know that. I want everyone to work with integrity.


What are the things he hears about himself behind the scenes?

Selim laughs, “They say I am bad tempered and I admit it’s true. You need to be bad tempered with some people. My wife (actress Rosy Siddiqui) says the same too. I value her opinion. On the shooting sets, Rosy Siddiqui is no longer my wife, she is a co-actor to me then.”

Does he have anything to say on this special day?

“I have many things to say over the 60 years of my life and 40 years of my career. It takes a long time to build my career. I have learnt many lessons in life. But the last one year has been a terrifying experience due to coronavirus pandemic. The loss of dear ones has marred this year’s birthday celebrations. The joy was not same as it was before.”


About birthday memories, he said, “I am the eldest son in my family. I have always seen my mother and father celebrating birthdays like a festival. During my childhood, all of my family went to the cinema to watch a film together. One day, my father bought advance film tickets for the family bur I fell severely sick on my birthday. My father was so upset and I can still remember his face on that day. I used to play hockey and a hockey stick that I received as a birthday gift is still one of my favourites.

This interview appeared in the print and online editions of Prothom Alo and has been rewritten by Hasanul Banna for the English edition