Chorki draws massive response in one year

Chorki is one of the largest video streaming platforms in BangladeshIllustration by Manik and Ratan

Video streaming platform Chorki was launched on 12 July 2021 when the country was passing through a difficult times due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

This video streaming platform from Bangladesh turned one year old on Tuesday. It is going to enter its second year with pride. Overcoming various obstacles, Chorki is now a household name among the Bengali speaking audience.

Chorki has set a new record in the entertainment arena of the country. In just one year, Chorki has released more than 50 original contents. Chorki has launched a new category with movies and series, known as 'Flick'. The biggest achievement at this point is achieving people's confidence in such a short time.

As the works of established directors on Chorki have been praised, so have the works of the newcomers. Their works have been highly discussed and praised.

Several works including 'Shaaticup', 'Nikhoj', 'Flick' and 'Happy Birthday' have drawn great response from the audience. The audiences have tasted a new flavour in these contents.

Besides, some actors have come into the limelight through this platform. Chorki has brought innovation in the local contents.

Works including 'Unoloukik', 'Khanchar Vetor Achin Pakhi', 'Morichika', 'Tithir Ashukh', 'Jago Bahe', 'Taan', 'Redrum', 'Gunin' and 'Pet Kata Sha' have been highly praised and discussed by the audience.

In addition to the original content, Chorki also released foreign language movies and TV serieses dubbed in Bengali. With this, the audience got the chance to enjoy several movies including 'Weightlifting Fairy', 'Luka', 'Pig Jane' and 'Kingslayer' in Bengali.

"Every time I've done something new, I've had a problem, I've found a solution, and then again tried something new. That’s how we proceeded through learning. One thing we believed from the beginning was that there is no such thing as good or bad content for a streaming platform. Our main goal is to deliver the right content to the right audience," said Al-Amin Hasan, the creative producer and founding member of Chorki.

He shared various adverse situations during the first days of Chorki with us.

"In terms of content selection, on the one hand, we have given priority to innovation, we have kept items of pure entertainment for the general audience on the other. When Chorki was launched a year ago, many doubted our success. Now it seems that in this one year, our creators and viewers have given them a reply."

Chorki has released more than 50 original contents within one year

Chorki was launched with a target of being the hub of local content. That path has been extended further with the appreciation of the audience. The video streaming platform has moved ahead exponentially with the predominance of domestic content.

Another member of Chorki and content officer Adar Rahman shared her experiences during the initial days of Chorki. She has been a member of the Chorki team since the beginning of the journey. She said, "We, a few people, presented this platform in front of the people after managing issues like content, product, marketing and activation on our own. We never thought everyone would embrace our efforts with so much love within such a short time. Right from the start we had a clear vision that this would be the hub of Bengali content in the world. It really feels great to think that we have already come a long way towards our dream. There is still a long way to go."

In just one year, Chorki has gained international recognition by winning several national and international awards.

At the ICT Division Presents Channel i Snack Keeper Digital Media Awards-2021 held in March this year, Chorki won a total of eight awards including 'Best Film And 'Best Web Series

At the same time, Chorki has won three critics awards and one award in the star poll at the Meril Prothom Alo Awards. Before completing a year since its inception, Chorki was awarded a special honour at the 'Global Media Awards 2022' organised by the International News Media Association (INMA).

In addition, as the main OTT platform in Bangladesh, Chorki has received this prestigious recognition in the category of 'Best Initiative to Acquire Subscribers'. Redwan Rony, the chief operating officer of Chorki, thinks that this will enlighten and inspire the journey of Chorki.

Jago Bahe drew huge appreciation from the audience

He said, "We are blessed with the love, success and acceptance that the audience has shown us in the first year. These have been made possible because of all the great contents of Chorki. At the same time, the contributions from the entire team, sponsors and well-wishers have made the journey of Chorki easier and smoother. I wish Chorki to continue to get more viewers on its way of growing into a hub of Bengali content and keep its audience in fun and films.

The contents of Chorki can be viewed on the website and on any device including smart TVs, mobiles, tabs and laptops. At the same time, viewers from all over the world can buy the subscription of Chorki with 31 currencies from 198 countries.