‘I'm the soldier who's surrendered her arms, not her training’

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Actress Nusrat Imrose Tisha launched herself as a screenwriter recently. Earlier, she debuted as a producer as well.

Apart from all these different identities, people knew her as a singer about one and a half decades back. Afterwards her actress persona overshadowed her identity as a singer.

Tisha who had been busy with acting for the last two decades came before her fans as a singer all over again last Tuesday. She released her new song titled ‘Autobiography’ from the film, ‘Something like an Autobiography’ on Chorki that evening.

Apart from singing the song, she also played a main character in this web film directed by her husband Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. While speaking to Prothom Alo on the day, she said she was waiting for audience reaction.

Nusrat Imrose Tisha in a scene of the film, 'Something Like an Autobiography'.
Courtesy of Chorki

Unplanned planning  

Many of today’s young audience might not even know the Tisha from 25 years back; the Tisha, who was a singer once. When she was still very young, Tisha competed in different singing categories in ‘Notun Kuri’.

In fact she was the champion in all the categories including, adhunik gaan (contemporary songs), chhora gaan (children's songs), patriotic songs, dance and storytelling.  

That’s why she was the one to lift the Notun Kuri gold cup back in 1995. Though she wasn’t regular in music, she became active in her acting career. She had a musical band also. The last time she was seen singing was 15 years ago. Sidelining music, Tisha became hyper active with acting. She’s still continuing with that in the same way.

When the topic concerning what was the idea behind the planning of the song, ‘Autobiography’ was raised, Tisha said, “There was zero planning. I sang the song totally in an unplanned way. As soon as I heard the song when it was written and composed, I felt that I wanted to sing this song."

"It has been many years since I felt like singing a song after hearing it. At that point, I still didn’t know if I could actually sing the song or if it would go with my voice or not. Then Sarwar heard it and said that I should try singing it once. After I reached the studio, I found everything okay."

"Besides, the purpose of the film and the emotions it deals with are linked with our own life. Since the film is actually a biopic, it portrays some parts of our life and the song also features some fragments of that, it is only logical that I sing the song in my own voice," she added.

Tisha recorded the song on 23 November evening. And the video shoot was done at Zinda Park then.

Nusrat Imrose Tisha on the poster of the film, 'Something Like an Autobiography'.
Courtesy of Chorki

Didn’t surrender the training  

Tisha often stands behind the microphone for the dubbing of various dramas and films. She never feels scared or uneasy there. But, this time the situation was totally different. She confessed that she felt scared to stand behind the microphone while recording the song, ‘Autobiography’.

Tisha said, “Though the song sounds quite easy, it’s a really difficult song to sing. I haven’t been in practice either. But, after I finished the recording, I felt like the soldier who has surrendered her arms but not her training (laughter).”

The song, ‘Autobiography’ has been created in a completely homely setting. In fact Tisha has nicknamed Pavel Areen, the composer and music director of the song, ‘My Buddy’.

Tisha said, “I had been nagging Pavel for quite a long time saying that I want to record a song and you should make one. Pavel also supported me saying that I should sing a song indeed.”

“He told me to ask Farooki to write a lyric and then we would compose the music and finish the song. I had been just circling around the ideas that I want to and should sing a song. After so many years, I felt like ‘no more wishes, this is the song I want to sing’,” she added. 

Nusrat Imrose Tisha in a scene from the videography of the song titled 'Autobiography'.
Courtesy of Chorki

More about the song  

While, Pavel Areen was the composer and music director of the song, ‘Autobiography’, the lyrics were written by Ishtiaque Ahmed. In reply to the question, ‘What did everyone say after the recording was done?’ she said, “Everyone said that my voice was still in shape and I still can sing.”  

“Everyone liked and praised it a lot. But, I will comment on it later when the audience has listened to it. I sang a song after so many years, and I am waiting for the audience reaction.”  

“People, who are closer to me, will definitely give it a good review. Because, they aren’t only seeing me sing the song but also the hard work that went behind this. They are bound to like a production after so much hard work,” she continued.

Pavel Areen
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Composer’s POV

Sound producer Pavel Areen is a key member of the ‘Chirkutt’ band. Earlier, several other artistes have released their songs in his composition and music direction. He composed and directed the comeback song of actress Tisha, following a long break.

He said, “There’s nothing left to say about Tisha’s acting skill. But, I also know that she used be a singer once. We often used to discuss about songs among ourselves. Whenever she would visit the studio, the topic of songs would also come up in our chitchats.”

“After the song was created, I felt it would be better if Tisha sang the song herself. After such a long break, she should have a comeback with a song like this. The final decision was taken after discussing it among all of us. When we listened to it after the recording, it sounded really good," he added.

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