Tahsan, Mithila speak against cyberbullying on social media

Tahsan, Mithila

Former celebrity couple Tahsan Rahman Khan and Rafiath Rashid Mithila appeared on a Facebook live show together on Saturday after four years of their divorce, marking the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Organized by leading e-commerce site Evaly on its Facebook page, the former couple expressed their disappointment about increasing cyberbullying on social media while urging their fans and followers to stop the cruelty and badmouthing on the internet, and also called for spreading healthy and positive mentality.

Hosted by Naveed Mahbub, celebrated comedian and CEO at Naveed’s Comedy Club and titled ‘Evaly Eid Live – Saturday Night Surprise, Tahsan vs Mithila’, the two-parts live programme has already become one of the most successful programmes on this Eid-ul-Fitr. Within 24 hours of the live show went on-air, the first half garnered over 922,0000 Views, 57,000 comments and 32,0000 reactions while the second half garnered over 1.1M Views, 46,000 comments and 33,000 reactions.

Tahsan Rahman Khan
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Actress Mithila, who was introduced as the brand ambassador of Evaly lifestyle, said, “We are not just here as the brand ambassadors of Evaly, but to spread positivity on the internet. We all are facing crucial times, so we should not say bad things and listen to bad things, Let’s spread positivity. This is our main goal in connecting with Evaly and coming live together on this occasion today.”

Tahsan, who has been appointed as the Chief Goodness Officer of Evaly, harmonized his parts of speeches with Mithila’s words, saying, “I am lucky that my fans have always behaved well on my posts, however, there are some people who constantly love to spread negativity and unnecessary hatred. Furthermore, Mithila has been constantly targetted and bullied in her social media accounts since we had been mutually separated, and sometimes I also get tagged on those hateful posts, which is disheartening.”

“I think there is an opportunity today through this live as people did not expect us to be together, and we came to this live session together today because many people will watch this out of their curiosity. From here, the next generation can learn that even if you do not agree with someone, even if there are differences in your ideologies - you can always sit and talk with respect for each other,” Tahsan added.

Rafiath Rashid Mithila

Mithila said, “We have been separated for the last four years but we are co-parenting our daughter. Here we are giving surprise gifts to our fans who are spreading positivity on the comment thread of this quiz show, and I think another surprise of this Eid special programme is that the two of us may be separated, but we can respectfully sit next to each other and talk, without insulting each other.”

Pointing towards the recent negativities on social media, Tahsan said, “These type of behaviours are on the rise because we don’t really talk about these things. We saw last week that Chanchal Chowdhury, one of the most talented artists in Bangladesh, got bullied for absolutely no reason at all on his Facebook post where he posted a picture of his mother. It’s not just me, Mithila or Chanchal Chowdhury who get to be bullied - but it has turned into a mental disorder in general.”

“If we, especially the public figures, do not speak or raise voice against this harsh notion - the next generation will not understand that there is no heroism in speaking harshly to someone. It belittles not only one’s own but the person’s family and education. We need to be compassionate towards each other on the internet, and we thank Evaly for bringing us to raise awareness and surprising our fans with gifts for spreading positivity at the same time,” both Tahsan and Mithila said at the programme.