Mobile phone tower company edotco Bangladesh has begun its operations of using renewable energy in remote areas, its officials said.

The company has already installed around 672 mobile network sites that use renewable energy through its 8000 towers, reducing carbon footprint up to 20 per cent, they said.

“edotco is able to bring innovative and green solutions to Bangladesh’s rural and remote communities, thereby enhancing the quality of the residents’ lives and providing adequate network coverage amid the country’s power shortage,” said edotco Bangladesh managing director Rahul Chaudhary.

Officials said edotco’s wind turbines can produce on average 4-10 kilowatt-hr energy per day depending on the different system capacity in normal conditions and can function without any glitches even during adverse weather conditions. Besides, each green tower site generates about 9-22 kilowatt-hr of power daily from an installed solar power facility of different system capacity.

It also distributes around 240-watt energy from each of these towers (total 15 sites) to the communities for free.

Following such accomplishment, edotco Bangladesh has an extensive plan to reach out to more areas in the upcoming years, they added.

edotco Bangladesh has first ever successfully installed two (02) wind turbines in October 2016 at Shah Porir Dwip in Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar in an attempt to support the need for power in remote coastal regions. The wind turbines provide up to 30 per cent of total energy required from traditional sources and enable the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to generate power which is more than 10 kWh per day per turbine.

As the wind speed elevates, the power generated may increase by up to eight-fold. Till date, edotco Bangladesh has installed eight more wind turbines in places like Kanjarpara, Kocchopia, Shashibhusan, Marine Drive road, Inani Beach, PecharDwip and Chensuri para, according to the officials.

Bangladesh has over 140 million mobile phone users and they frequently talk with each other thanks to the network and infrastructure which keep them connected round the clock uninterrupted. But, keeping these networks working, a lot of energy is consumed for the mechanism.

The majority of the mobile phone base transceiver stations, each of which include a tower and radio equipment, has diesel power backup because of frequent disruption of electricity.