Showing honour to their movement, the railway and the private organisation will be backtracked from their decision of setting up a hospital, she hoped.

Syeda Rezwana Hasan briefed the newsmen on Thursday evening while visiting the CRB area, the proposed place for building the hospital.

She said Chattogram is the second most polluted city after the capital Dhaka. In this city, CRB is a scenic and green place. It is identified as the heritage and a garden in the mega plan. So, establishing a hospital in this place is completely illegal. This should have no legal basis.

BELA chief executive said if the railway or any non-government organisation approved the project, it will be challenged in the court.

She said all people irrespective of their political identities are protesting against the move to establish a hospital in the CRB area. If the government wants to keep its popularity, they have no way to go against the public opinion.

UNB adds: The idea to build a hospital under Public-Private Partnership in CRB was first broached at a meeting of the cabinet committee on economic affairs (CCEA) on 14 August 2013. But the project was finally approved in February 2020.