China says no new Covid deaths after changing criteria

A medical worker in protective suit collects a swab from a man to conduct free nucleic acid tests for residents in the residential compound, after new cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) were found in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, China on 19 July.Reuters

China said Wednesday that not a single person had died of Covid-19 the previous day, after changing the criteria for recording virus deaths to mean most are no longer counted.

Hospitals are struggling, pharmacy shelves are stripped bare and crematoriums are overwhelmed in the wake of the Chinese government's sudden decision to lift years of lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing.

But the government said Tuesday that only those who had directly died of respiratory failure caused by the virus would be counted under Covid death statistics.

Previously, people who died of an illness while infected with the virus were counted as a Covid death. This way of recording Covid deaths accounts for huge numbers of fatalities in other countries.

"At present after being infected with the Omicron variant, the main cause of death remains underlying diseases," Wang Guiqiang of Peking University First Hospital told a press conference of the National Health Commission (NHC).

"Old people have other underlying conditions, only a very small number die directly of respiratory failure caused by infection with Covid," he said.

"We are not avoiding the dangers of Covid. At the same time we need to assess Covid's dangers in a scientific manner."

From the country's northeast to its southwest, crematorium workers have told AFP they are struggling to keep up with a surge in deaths.

Beijing last week admitted the scale of the outbreak has become "impossible" to track following the end of mandatory mass testing.

A leading Chinese health expert warned Tuesday that the capital will face a surge in cases over the next two weeks, which will continue until the end of January.

"We must act quickly and prepare fever clinics, emergency and severe treatment resources," Wang Guangfa, a respiratory expert from Peking University First Hospital, told the state-run Global Times.

The country recorded 3,049 new domestic Covid cases Wednesday and zero new deaths.

Officially, there have been 5,241 Covid deaths in China since the start of the pandemic.

The US State Department on Monday said the surge of infections in China had become a matter of international concern.

"We know that any time the virus is spreading, that it is in the wild, that it has the potential to mutate and to pose a threat to people everywhere," State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

"The toll of the virus is of concern to the rest of the world given the size of China's GDP, given the size of China's economy."