Panjshir resistance refutes Taliban claim

Afghan resistance movement and anti-Taliban uprising forces take part in a military training at Malimah area of Dara district in Panjshir province on 2 September 2021 as the valley remains the last major holdout of anti-Taliban forces

The Panjshir resistance has denied Talibans claim of having captured the province.

"Taliban's claim of occupying Panjshir is false. The NRF forces are present in all the strategic positions across the valley to continue the fight. We assure the people of Afghanistan that the struggle against the Taliban and their partners will continue until justice and freedom prevails," the National Resistance Front (NRF) said in a tweet.

Taliban fighters have fully captured the very last holdout, Panjshir province, it has been claimed.

Acting minister of culture and information and spokesperson of the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement said that their efforts to establish the nationwide security has paid off and the province has been taken by the help of 'Allah' and the support of the people, Khaama News reported.

The defiant Panjshir province has been witnessing heavy conflicts between the Taliban and the resistance forces for the last seven days during which both sides have inflicted casualties.

As per the statement, some of the resistance forces have been killed while others fled the province, the report said.

"We assure the people of Panjshir not to be subject to discriminatory behavior, they are our brothers and will jointly work for the development of Afghanistan", the statement said.

In the last night's conflict in Panjshir province, a key commander of the NRF General Abdul Wodods and the NRF spokesperson Fahim Dashti, were killed.

Earlier, co-leader of the resistance Ahmad Masoud had offered negotiations with the Taliban that were refused by the Taliban.