Two of Azra Mahmood’s models in the main round

Ronie Imran and Efa Tabassum

Two Bangladeshi models Efa Tabassum and Ronie Imran are taking part in the main round of international beauty pageant Miss and Mister Celebrity International 2023.  

Country’s top model and choreographer Azra Mahmood’s Talent Camp (AMTC) has become the country director for four countries including Bangladesh.

As part of promoting Malaysian tourism industry, ‘Miss and Mister Celebrity International 2023’ is being organised. International Celebrity Pageants Group Enterprise is organising this beauty pageant.

A total of 58 participants from 29 countries including Bangladesh, are participating in this competition. The sole country outside of Asia among them is The Netherlands. And among the SAARC countries there are India and Nepal there apart from Bangladesh.

Though the final round of this beauty pageant was supposed to be held in February, after being rescheduled it will be held at Malaysian capital Kualalampur on 1st May. Details about this were shared at a press conference held on last 24 April.

Ronie Imran and Efa Tabassum

Spilling the beans about this competition and the press conference, Azra Mahmood said that apart from the candidates of Miss and Mister Celebrity International, owner of the pageant Leonard Tan and Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia were also present at the press conference held at Bukit Jalil, an affluent suburb in Kualalampur.

Azra Mahmood’s Talent Camp (AMTC) has been nominated country director for three more countries- India, Sri Lanka and Nepal alongside Bangladesh in this event, added Azra Mahmood.

Azra also said that while they were able to send participants from Bangladesh, India and Nepal, they couldn’t send anyone from Sri Lanka this year.

She however shared another piece of good news. And that’s Miss Universe Bangladesh 2019 Shirin Akhter Shila, who was one of her student from the second batch, is joining the contest as a judge this time.

The panel of judges also include Miss Myanmar of 2018 Han Thi, Miss Universe Cambodia of 2018 Rern Nat, Mister Global Thailand of 2018 Zeerawat Vetchasakol, Asian top model Amber Chia and Thailand’s Miss Model of the World from 2014 Ananya Baifern.

Shirin Akhter Shila

Regarding the objective of this event, International Celebrity Pageants Group Enterprise has said that the main purpose of this contest is to discover models who will not only become fashion icons but also have the potential to become top level stars in the future.

At the same time it aims at strengthening Asian representation by working at local and international levels through this contest.

Other than that, professional trainers have been appointed to groom the candidates in etiquette and more.  

The International Celebrity Pageants Group believes that beauty is not confined too outside looks, but emanates from within. This contest aims at enabling the participants having a positive impact on the society as a role model, exuding inspiration and playing a role in various social activities.

Azra Mahmood, who came to limelight with ‘You Got the Look’, is a well-known and popular face in the Bangladeshi fashion industry. Apart from Bangladesh Fashion Week, she has been participating in all the top-level fashion shows for almost two decades.

Azra Mahmood

She has now established herself as the number one runway director of the country. Besides, she has experience of working with international level designers as well.

From model grooming to fashion show direction in Bangladesh, her name comes first before everyone else. She has been made country director of four countries in this contest indeed because of her proficiencies alongside long time of expertise, said International Celebrity Pageants Group.

Azra said that she wants to establish herself in the global field at a slow pace. Everyone reaches for larger events, which isn’t realistic according to her. Rather there are a lot of smaller events across the world with enough scopes of learning.

Alongside affirming her own position by partaking in these events, she aims at making Bangladeshi models aware of the global industry by creating opportunities for them to participate in different regional contests.

Azra said, “There are many things to learn at these smaller pageants also. And this widens the path of participating in larger events. That’s why I’ve been searching for this sort of events and trying to ensure Bangladeshi representation in them.”

Best wishes for Azra Mahmood’s Talent Camp (AMTC) and the two Bangladeshi contestants in this pageant.