Goodbye manliness!


‘Men are living on borrowed time.’

Australia’s most influential geneticist Jenny Graves drew this conclusion following a research a few years ago.

The professor Emeritus of Australian National University claimed that ‘the inherent fragility of the male sex chromosome, the Y chromosome, means that male of the species is heading for extinction.’

It has already been scientifically proven that males have the instinct towards extinction. That is now old confab.

A new study on roles of femininity in development of the human brain deals another big blow to the perception of manliness what we love to instill into our children. For the first time in the history of humanity, scientists have come up with a new confirmation that children ‘receive intelligence from their mother.’

Quoting a group of researchers, The Psychology Spot, claims ‘mothers are mainly responsible for transmitting intelligence genes.’ This new findings have challenged the centuries-old supremacy of men.

Recently Reader's Digest highlighted a research finding that reads ‘the genes that determine intelligence are located in chromosome X. Because, women carry two X chromosomes and men carry only one, children are twice as likely to get their intelligence from their mom.’

Forbes ran another story with social impact of mother-raised children. It reads ‘there’s another logical explanation as to why smart moms raise smart kids.’

It is very tough to predict whether this is exactly the right era of extinction of male species. Then again, the advancement of women is quite incredible.

Women have advanced a lot in the past four decades or so following the echoing footfalls of the world's first democratically elected female president Vigdis Finnbogadottir of Iceland in 1980. The recent statistics of women leadership at the state’s top level are quite successful and implausible. Across the globe, according to the United Nations, ‘as of January 2019, 11 women are serving as heads of state and 10 are serving as heads of government.’ In Europe, women are running several states as heads of the states. Europe’s most powerful regimes, particularly the Germany and United Kingdom, are now governed by the woman heads of the government. In South Asia, women leadership in politics has a rich history. In Bangladesh, the prime opposition and the ruling party have been run by women for the last few decades.

The division between men and women are biological. But, the capacity or capability of the women was either undervalued or under-judged all through the history.

Yuval Noah Harari described the Athenian history of ‘no women’ in his bestseller ‘The Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’. He wrote in the medieval ‘democratic Athens’ ‘an individual possessing a womb had no independent legal status and was forbidden to participate in popular assemblies or to be a judge.’ As a result, ‘none of Athens’ political leaders, none of its great philosophers, orators, artists or merchants had a womb.’ After nearly 2,500 years, the Athenian women have proved that they are capable of doing everything. They include a noble judge, an upright politician, a good philosopher, a creative artist and a successful merchant.

‘Their wombs do not deter them from doing any of these things as successfully as men do.’