As a result of this attack, the leaders and activists of Chhatra Dal took out a procession with pieces of wood, sticks and bamboos and chased the leaders and activists of Chhatra League. At one stage, the two sides locked in clashes. Both sides start throwing brickbats at each other. A video going viral on social media shows a woman leader of Chhatra Dal being beaten up and injured by some members of Chhatra League. The attack on her continued even after she fell down on the road.

Chhatra Dal’s central committee joint general secretary Rakibul Islam claimed that they did not even shout slogans in the procession. Chhatra League leaders and activists attacked them without provocation. Saddam Hussein, general secretary of the Dhaka University BCL, has claimed that progressive students united to protest against the "terrorist" activities of the JCD in the interest of protecting peaceful environment and ensuring safe education environment for students.

This statement of Chhatra League leader is dangerous in all senses. It is the responsibility of the university administration and law enforcement agencies to ensure conducive learning environment and student safety. No one gave that responsibility to Chhatra League. It is clear from the comments of general students that the attack on the leaders and workers of Chhatra Dal was planned.

Prothom Alo has published the picture and identity of an activist with arms who is a follower of the general secretary of Shahidullah Hall Chhatra League. It is not difficult to identify the others who took part in the attack from the videos and pictures. The manner in which Chhatra League has tried to impose the responsibility of its misdeeds on the 'progressive students' is immoral.

It was assured only three weeks ago by the highest policy-making level of the ruling Awami League that the processions and rallies of the opposition would not be disrupted. We experienced something opposite from what Chhatra League did on the campus. In the last one week, Chhatra League has also attacked Chhatra Dal in Rajshahi University and Sylhet.

In a democratic system, any organisation has the right to carry out peaceful and orderly programmes. The manner in which the systematic programme of Chhatra Dal has been attacked is against the democratic norms. In a civilised and democratic society, it is unthinkable to launch an attack on dissenters. We condemn such repression of the opposition. We think that the role of university administration and law enforcement in this incident is questionable. But the key question is, do the opposition not have the right to participate in peaceful protests?