Other research institutions and media also revealed shocking reports of child marriage. In the past 10 years, marriage rates of under-aged girls reduced by 15 per cent worldwide. The rate declined by one in every five girls from one in every four girls at the time. That means, in this period almost 25 million girl children were saved from child marriage.

Notably, the world leaders committed to end child marriage by 2030 following the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina promised to bring down the marriage rate of girls under 15 to zero, girls from above 15 to 18 by one third by 2021 and eliminate child marriage entirely by 2041 at World Girl Summit in the UK in 2014.

The government has enacted new law to prevent child marriage. The law have flaws though. But in Bangladesh there is a huge gap between enacting a new law and its implementation. Child marriage occurs due to parents and society’s lack of awareness.

According to the law, a girl cannot be married before 18 and a boy before 21. Many parents marry off their daughters thinking of their safety. They have to understand that they are pushing the girl into more danger by marrying her at an early age.

Whether the number of child marriages will decrease or not depends on how the policymakers respond to the warning of the UNICEF representative or how active the administration will be. Besides implementing laws properly, social awareness is must to stop child marriage. Complacence in this regard will usher in danger.

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