The admission of a large number of students has become the most important issue after the HSC and equivalent examination results published on last Saturday. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a whole academic year has passed with suspension of physical classes. Several exams had to be cancelled. The results of HSC and equivalent examinations had to be published without examination. There was no alternative to avoid the risk of infection.

All the students have passed for the next stage of education as per the board results. But this have given rise to an issue. About 10 per cent more students obtained GPA-5 this year than the previous year. Had the HSC exam been held, so many students would not get GPA-5. But given the method used in determining the results this time, the reason for this increased number of GPA-5 is understandable. This time the results of HSC were determined on the basis of mapping of students' JSC and SSC and equivalent tests. Those who got GPA-5 in the previous two exams, got GPA-5.

However, some exceptions have occurred due to differences in the subjects of HSC and equivalent examinations with the subjects of the previous two levels. A total of 17,043 students got GPA-5 in the HSC exam, though they did not get GPA-5 in the previous two exams. This happened due to mapping of test subjects. Now we do not think it appropriate to question its acceptability. Negative comments about exam results can cause adverse reactions among the students. We better keep away from that.


Rather, we should look to the future. The most important factor for the huge number of students who have passed the HSC and equivalent examinations is now their admission in universities and other institutions of higher studies. As the number of students getting GPA-5 is much higher than any other year, there is no doubt that the competition in the admission tests will be stiff. The results of the competition in the field of education are good.

Although the immediate goal in this case is to get as good results as possible in the admission test, the students will undoubtedly get the benefit in the next stage if they master the basic subjects well including hard work for that purpose. There is no need to rush for the preparation of this year's admission test, because many university admission test questions will be based on the subjects studied at the HSC level. Thus, if the candidates revise the subjects well at home, the chances of getting good results in the admission test will increase.

But the problem is that the number of students who have passed is higher than the total number of seats in higher education institutions. As a result, the question has arisen as to whether everyone can be admitted or not. This problem can be partially solved if the families of the students who have passed with GPA-4 or below can encourage the children towards technical education, without getting frustrated.

In a country like ours where there is a crisis of employment, a large number of students are admitted at the undergraduate level who have to stay unemployed with higher education degree eventually. Thus, the unemployment rate is highest among the highly educated in this country. We hope that the families of the students will consider the matter. In this case, the government must take the initiative to create adequate opportunities.

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