So far, 93 people have been killed in the five-phase UP elections by the supporters of rival candidates. In that case, it may be difficult to find the culprits of many murders. But the murders of the five candidates mentioned were pre-planned. Families of the victims have also filed cases mentioning the names of the accused. But out of 136 accused, only 10 have been caught. One of deceased Yasin Alam's father Mozammel Haque Khan said, "I don't understand anything. My son was shot in broad daylight. I want justice for my son.”

“The murder scene was captured on CCTV. My father was beaten to death in broad daylight. Yet why are the police not arresting the accused?” asked the son of slain candidate Abdul Maleque. Ardhendu who was made accused in the murder of Uttam Sarkar of Sundali union of Jashore lost the election by small margin of votes. It is clear that the killings were carried out to avenge the defeat. Again in some places the winning party has killed the losing candidate.

Conflicts over elections are not new. What is new is that the winning candidate attacks opponent with all his might. It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to maintain a fair election environment. The level of violence in the election has increased because they did not fulfil that responsibility.

The victims of murder and the murderers are all from the ruling party. As a result, it has become difficult for the law enforcement agencies to handle the cases and arrest the accused. The controversy over the UP election is not limited to the candidates or their supporters.

In most places, local MPs, upazila chairmen and local level leaders of the Awami League have also been involved and have taken sides of different candidates. As a result, the police had to face obstacles in taking action against anyone. How will the murder be tried in this situation?

We want to make it clear that so many lives have been lost due to the negligence of the law enforcement agencies. Now if the accused are not arrested and tried, the violence will increase. The law must be allowed to run at its own pace.

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