Mubashar, Utpal return, but what of the abductors?

When Mubashar and Utpal reappeared after disappearing for two-and-a-half months and one-and-a-half months respectively, they came up with the same strange silence as other victims before them. But their families were naturally relieved. After all, many victims of disappearance have never reappeared.

It is assumed that the victims of disappearance, who have not returned, have been abducted. The families wait interminably. The return of Mubashar and Utpal ignites a spark of hope. Of the 15 persons who have disappeared over the past four months, five have returned. The law enforcement has shown six of them as arrested. We hope the others return soon.

One after the other, people are vanishing. Some return and some to do not. It is abject failure on the part of the state, the government and the law enforcement agencies that this issue remains unresolved. The authorities often say that personal or family feuds are behind these disappearances. Even if that were true in some cases, it is the government’s responsibility to nab the abductors.

Why is the government not trying to find the abductors, based on the narrative of those who have reappeared? It is clear from the statements of Mubashar and Utpal that they were abducted by the same group in the very same manner. Their experience in confinement is also one and the same.

It is a matter of concern that in many instances, long after a person is missing, it is finally said that he has been arrested by the law enforcement. If there is any accusation against anyone, the arrest must be made in accordance to the law.

From the narratives of those who have returned, it is clear that the abductors are well organised and have the logistics and infrastructure to keep their victims ‘missing’. Who are these abductors who have such a strong network within the country? How do they remain out of reach of the state and law enforcement agencies? Such circumstances are alarming for any country. It is the responsibility of the state to provide security for all citizens of the country, regardless of party or political affiliation.

We do not want to hear of any more disappearances. The government has so many forces to apprehend criminals, and yet they cannot trace these abductors. That is hardly credible.