Increase loan facilities and security for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) provide a large number of jobs and are a boost to the economy during the pandemic. Increased loans and security will boost the SME success even further

Increase loan facilities and security for SMEs

Will Golden Monir’s accomplices be caught too?

The arrest of 'Gilden Monir' is not enough. What about the corrupt elements within RAJUK and the government administration who aided and abetted him in his corruption?

Golden' Monir is being taken away after arresting from his house at Merool Badda in the capital on Saturday morning.

Remembering road-victims

Urgent intervention of the High Court essential

The United Nations has rightly used the words 'road crash' instead of the words 'road accident'

Urgent intervention of the High Court essential

Bus burning incident needs proper investigation

A thorough investigation is required into the incident of torching 11 buses across the capital on Thursday. The actual miscreants need to be identified, unveiled before the public and brought to ...

11 buses were torched all over the capital city on Thursday, 12 November 2020

Transfer thru DO letters

Guidelines strictly to be followed in posting and transfer

Much has been written about irregularities and corruption in appointments, transfers and promotions, but the issue of postings has been overlooked.

Public administration ministry, Govt of Bangladesh

Prothom Alo turns 22

May good journalism flourish

The economy is in turmoil, livelihoods are in crisis. The media is affected too. Yet in the midst of this prolonged crisis, Prothom Alo continues in its responsibility to quench people's thirst for ...

May good journalism flourish

Hygiene rules need implementation

The more that instructions are given to use masks, the more violations there are of the directives. The health directorate and the media are also appealing to the people in various ways. But nobody ...

Hygiene rules need implementation

Rajshahi University's controversial appointments must be cancelled

The irregularities and corruption of Rajshahi University vice chancellor Abdus Salam have reached such a height that 63 teachers have lodged written complaints against him with the PM's Office, the ...

Rajshahi University main entrance

Break syndicate to bring down prices of essentials

When the price of any item suddenly shoots up, raids are launched on godowns and even retailers are fined and jailed. But the big bosses are never caught.

A salesman with onions at Kawran Bazar wholesale market in Dhaka on 2 October 2019.

Will roads continue to be death traps?

Bangladesh's roads continue to be death traps and there have been no fundamental changes in the road management system.

Faridpur road accident
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