How many more to die?


Prothom alo File photoJust before the Ramadan, nine women and children were killed in a stampede while collecting Iftar essentials at Satkania of Chattogram.

A noted industrialist of the country donated those Iftar essentials, including rice and sugar, besides new clothes and the poor in large numbers went to collect them.

Charity is always commendable. However, if that charity causes deaths, it is a mockery of humanity.

The same thing happened in 2006 as well, when five were killed in a stampede while collecting Iftar essentials donated by the same people.

In the same manner,10 people died at the qulkhani of Chattogram mayor ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury last December.

How many more have to die in the same manner? The company has announced to give the family of each of the deceased Tk 300,000, but can money bring those poor souls back?

Religion says one's left hand should not even know if the right hand has donated something, meaning it should be done secretly. But, some people prefer to donate Zakat and Iftar essentials in an ostentatious manner.

Anyone can distribute Iftar essentials, but none can push people to death while doing so. Since there had been mishaps in the past, the authorities concerned should have been cautious to avert a repetition, which unfortunately did not happen.

We think, such parade in the name of donation should be stopped. The authorities at Satkania cannot avoid their responsibility. It’s sad that they even tried to establish that the victims were killed due to a heat stroke. This just proves how inhuman they have been the whole time.

The tragedy of Satkania shows that most of the people in the country are underprivileged. The basic amenities are yet to be fulfilled for these people who get so desperate for Iftar essentials and Zakat.

We demand proper steps be taken and the people responsible be brought to book.

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