Set example by taking prompt action against 51 accused RAJUK staff


Every now and then, the authorities form investigation committees over different incidents. However, on most occasions, the people cannot know the results of the probe reports.

But the housing and public works ministry and Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakhya (RAJUK) have recently set an example by publishing the names of 51 people the probe body has initially found responsible for the FR Tower fire.

We will now eagerly wait to see what actions are taken against them and how fast that happens.

The public works minister's speech is a clear indication that the public administration ministry needs to act to this end, as most of RAJUK officials are posted on deputation.

We hope the trend of accountability and transparency the housing minister has initiated will get momentum with everyone's cooperation.

We expect the state minister for housing and public works, Farhad Hossain, to specifically say what action will be taken against the accused and when.

The probe body formed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over the FR Tower fire should now include graft allegations that the two previous reports had failed to mention. Prompt action should be taken to set an example.

It must not be forgotten that the irregularities over the construction of FR Tower was only unearthed after 26 people were killed and 70 people were injured. The same irregularities are taking place in other buildings, but those are not coming to the fore.

We must be committed to putting an end to this trend of defying fire and building codes.

There are about 7,000 buildings under the RAJUK area that have more than six floors. Experts say at least a thousand among them have issues similar to the FR Tower.

Will the authorities look into these buildings as well? Or they will only be active once soemthing serious like the FR Tower fire takes place? We believe steps should be taken immediately.

RAJUK should undertake a special project to look into documents of the buildings that have more than 10 floors.

There are three committees to monitor the buildings under Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC). In line with the recent steps, letters should be sent to the owners of the buildings to meet the conditions within a specific time.

A committee of RAJUK can publish their reports on their website every three months.

Earlier, RAJUK had started publishing names of the architects that approve designs on its website. But later it was found that someone, who signed the approval to two buildings, had 50 buildings listed to his name.

The severity of irregularities in RAJUK beggar description. Following protests from the Institute of Architects, RAJUK stopped publishing documents on its website.

That needs to start at the earliest.

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