Changing name of act won't reduce people’s harassment

Jyotirmoy Barua
File Photo

The Digital Security Act is being repealed. The reality is that the Digital Security Act is now being replaced by the Cyber ​​Security Act. The fact is, there will be no qualitative change in the new law. The clauses which were there before and by which people have been harassed, will remain. Only the sentences are reduced. The use of this law will not diminish just because the sentences are reduced.

If the government announces the repeal of the Digital Security Act, many demands including the unconditional release and compensation of those who have been jailed under this act will be raised.

That's why the law minister is saying, "I am changing the law, not canceling it." If the law is to be changed, he could have changed it by keeping the name. The law minister also told reporters that having Digital Security Act creates pressure on the people and that is why they are changing the name. He also said that there will be no Digital Security Act if there is a Cyber ​​Security Act. His words are somewhat contradictory.

The law is for the people. People are demanding repeal of the Digital Security Act not a change of the act.

The law with a new name will contain the very basic problems that had existed earlier. The police still have unlimited power to put anyone in jail at any time. For so long, the government has been saying that the Digital Security Act is good, but it is being misused. We were saying, the law is being used, not abused. The law itself is bad. This law is so bad that no amendment can change its character.

The law itself has an inherent purpose, which is to suppress dissent, to creating a culture of fear among people so that they cannot protest, speak out against any injustice.

Over seven thousand cases in such a short period of time is abnormal. From teachers and students to journalists, politicians, rights activists and farmers - who has not been a victim of it?

Whatever could be done with the Digital Security Act, can be done with the Cyber ​​Security Act. Changing the name of the law is simply changing the vessel.

In reality there will be no fundamental change. This law has been used as a means to harass people. As a result, even if the name is changed, the law will not reduce the harassment of people, it will not stop this in any way.