TOP SHOTS (10 May 2024)

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Two hawkers selling plastic toys on the streets. Photo taken from Goalchamat area in Faridpur on 9 May.
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A woman making clay flower pots. Photo taken from Dakshin Mominpur area in Rangpur on 9 May.
Moinul Islam
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Two children carrying hay to dry in the sun to feed the cattle later. Photo taken from Bawarkandi Haor in Sylhet on 9 May.
Anis Mahmud
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Female labourers pluck tea leaves early in the morning. Photo taken from Lakatura tea estate in Sylhet on 9 May.
Anis Mahmud
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Fragipani tree in full blossom. Photo taken from Nabiganj area in Narayanganj on 9 May.
Dinar Mahmud
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A Sunda scops owl chick look out from a tree hollow in Singapore on 9 May 2024.
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Russian Sukhoi SU-25 fighter jets release smoke in the colours of the Russian flag as they fly over Red Square during the Victory Day military parade in central Moscow on 9 May, 2024. Russia celebrates the 79th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.
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