TOP SHOTS (8 May 2024)

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Rabbits are being sold by the roadside. A pair of rabbits is being sold at Tk 600. The picture was taken from Abu Naser Hospital intersection in Khulna on 8 May.
Saddam Hossain
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A tree bears amjhum fruits. This tree is not so visible these days. The picture was taken from Noornagar in Khulna town on 8 May.
Saddam Hossain
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A student and guardian with an umbrella over their heads is going to school amid the rain. The picture was taken from Chachara in Narayanganj on 8 May.
Dinar Mahmud
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North Macedonia's First Lady Elizabeta Gjorgievska casts her ballot at a polling station in Skopje on 8 May 2024, during North Macedonia's presidential (second round) and parliamentary elections.
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A sign towards the UEFA Champions League final in London is seen in Dortmund, western Germany, on 8 May 2024, one day after Borussia Dortmund's semi-final match against Paris Saint-Germain.