TOP SHOTS (28 June 2024)

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A woman Shibani Das collects leaves from a corn field as cattle feed. Photo taken in Parchar area in Macchar of Faridpur on 28 June.
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Fruits are the staple food for yellow-footed green pigeons. A member of this species feasts on its favorite fruits perching on the branches of a banyan tree. Photo taken from Unaisar area in Cumilla on 28 June.
M Sadek
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The water in the river gleams in the morning sun. A couple of fishermen glide through the water on a boat in hunt of fish. Photo taken from Dapdapiya bridge in Barishal sadar upazila on 28 June.
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A bunch of pink water lilies vibrantly bloom in a body of water on the roadside. Photo taken from Aranyapur area in Cumilla on 27 June.
M Sadek
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The haors are now thriving with fresh water. Fishermen went to a side of the Haor on a boat and set up their nets in the water looking for a good catch. Photo taken from Zilkar Haor in Sylhet on 27 June.
Anis Mahmud
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An Iranian national shows her ink marked finger after voting in the presidential election at the Iranian Embassy in Kuwait City on 28 June, 2024.
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A Palestinian youth stands on rubble close to tents housing internally displaced people, erected in the square near the Deir al-Balah municipality building, destroyed following Israeli bombardment of Deir al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip on 28 June, 2024, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas militant group.
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