TOP SHOTS (6 February 2024)

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A potter lays clay bowls to dry in the sun. These bowls will be used to set curd in them later. Photo taken from Bijoypur area in Cumilla on 6 February.
M Sadek
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A man walks hurriedly carrying a load of banana leaves. The leaves will be used to serve food at an event. Photo taken from Baliadighi village in Bogura’s Gabtoli area on 6 February.
Soyel Rana
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Some parts of the winding Ichamati river has dried up in this dry season leaving patches of sandbank here and there. Photo taken from Taranihat area in Gabtoli on Bogura on 6 February.
Soyel Rana
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An artisan crafts a basket with bamboo strips. These baskets cost between Tk 300-700. Photo taken from Chankuthi area in Rangpur on 6 February.
Moinul Islam
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A child runs along the crop field holding his kite. Photo taken from Madamudan area in Rangpur on 6 February.
Moinul Islam
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Birds flock to a red silk-cotton tree. Though it’s not spring yet flowers have started blooming already. Photo taken from Kushighat area in Sylhet on 6 February.
Anis Mahmud
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