The horror of Mohammadpur Krishi Market fire

A devastating fire broke out in the capital’s Mohammadpur Krishi Market after 3:30 am on Thursday. Seventeen units of the fire service worked to control the fire. A special team of army, navy and air force also joined the operation to assist the fire service.

Firefighters brought the flame under control at around 9:25 am. Here are some pictures, taken by Sazid Hossain, of the raging fire, firefighters’ operation, as well as the extent of damage left by the flame.

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Smoke bellows as a raging fire tears through the Mohammadpur Krishi Market.
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Fire burns corrugated-iron-sheet roofs at Mohammadpur Krishi Market.
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Firefighters are in action at Mohammadpur Krishi Market.
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Two firefighters spray water on the flames at Mohammadpur Krishi Market.
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Army personnel join firefighters to douse the blaze at Mohammadpur Krishi Market.
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A man walks amid the ruins after the fire burns the shops to ashes.
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Burnt vegetables are seen at a shop.
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Burnt vegetables and onion are seen scattered at shops.
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A man looks at the remains at a vegetables shop after the fire is brought under control.
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Traders search for undamaged goods after the fire is brought under control.
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Fire leaves a small amount of goods undamaged.
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Two men collect undamaged goods.
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A man cries after losing everything to fire.