TOP SHOTS (24 March 2024)

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A black-winged kite sits on a wire, screening the surroundings for a prey. Photo taken from Piyarpur area in Koijuri, Faridpur on 23 March 2024.
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The water in the Kaptai Lake is drying up and the lake is turning smaller. The patches of sandbars coming out of the water are causing trouble in movement of vessels. Photo taken from Jhulluke Pahar area in Rangamati on 23 March.
Supriyo Chakma
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A bluethroat perches alone on reeds. This is a migratory bird that visits our country for a few days in winter. Photo taken from Kalirkol area in Pabna on 23 March.
Hasan Mahmud
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The demand of various earthen pots increases centering the Bengali New Year. So, the potters are spending busy hours in crafting and drying the pots. Photo taken from Mominpur area in Rangpur on 23 March.
Moinul Islam
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Children cheerfully slide down the slope on a mound of soil. Photo taken from Labanchara area in Khulna on 23 March.
Saddam Hossain