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For the first time, a train travelled from Dhaka to Bhanga railway junction crossing the Padma Bridge. Photo taken from Baman Kanda railway junction area in Bhanga, Faridpur on 7 September.
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A couple of children enjoy fishing with rods in a water body of the railways. Photo taken from Kamargari area in Bogura on 7 September.
Soyel Rana
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A vine full of madhurilata flower. Photo taken in Bogura on 7 September.
Soyel Rana
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In the rural areas, many women collect jute stalks in exchange of separating the jute fibre for some extra bucks. After drying them out, they later sell these stalks at Tk 5 per bundle. Photo taken from Char Durgapur area in Faridpur on 6 September.
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Standing on the side of a road, Azahar Ali tries to attract customers to sell colourfull decorative flowers made of fabric and paper. He sells each of the flowers for Tk 15 to 20. Photo taken at the entrance of Zila school in Bogura on 7 September.
Soyel Rana
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On a drizzling morning local fishermen sail out on boats to catch hilsa fish. Photo taken from Ghat No. 4 in Khulna on 7 September.
Saddam Hossain
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A trader carries jute fibre on a horse-drawn cart to sell them at a local market. Photo taken in Rangpur on 7 September.
Mainul Islam