TOP SHOTS (14 May 2024)

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A gulmohar tree weighs heavy with abundant bright red flowers. Photo taken from Kazitula area in Sylhet city on 14 May.
Anis Mahmud
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A house sparrow feeds its offspring. Photo taken from Bhatkandi area in Bogura on 14 May.
Soyel Rana
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A common myna built its nest among the coils of internet wires tied on top of an electricity pole. Photo taken from Baliahat area in Pabna on 14 May.
Hasan Mahmud
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A coppersmith barbet takes a flight among the boughs of a banyan tree hoping to feast on the reddish fruits hanging from the branches. Photo taken from Darail Bazar area in Gabtoli of Bogura on 14 May.
Soyel Rana
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A farmer guides his cattle home after grazing them in the field since early morning. Photo taken from Gaffar road in Dumuria of Khulna on 14 May.
Saddam Hossain
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This long exposure photo taken on 14 May, 2024 shows Mount Merapi spewing lava onto its slopes as seen from Srumbung, Central Java.
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The sun rises on the slopes of smoking Mount Merapi in Srumbung, Central Java on 14 May, 2024.
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Herders tend camels at a field in Raqa on 13 May, 2024.
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