TOP SHOTS (16 May 2024)

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A number of golden shower trees full of bright yellow flowers lined along the street are attracting pedestrians’ attention. The ground underneath the trees is strewn with the petals. Photo taken from Shahi Eidgah ground in Sylhet on 16 May.
Anis Mahmud
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As the rickshaw puller got exhausted from the excessive heat, he wipes the sweat off of his face with a towel. He has covered his head with a tiny umbrella to avoid the burning sun. Photo taken from Bandarbazar area in Sylhet on 16 May.
Anis Mahmud
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Since the water in Kaptai Lake has dried up, sandbars can be seen here and there amid the water. Movements of boats have also become limited because of the decrease in water level. Photo taken from Dear park area in Rangamati on 16 May.
Supriyo Chakma
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Centering the third phase of the upazila parishad elections, the main street of the district got all covered up in posters of various electoral symbols. Photo taken from Abdul Hamid Road in Pabna on 16 May.
Hasan Mahmud
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A hoard of pink lotus blooms in a water body beside the university cafeteria. Photo taken from Khulna University on 15 May.
Saddam Hossain
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An aerial picture taken midair from a passenger aircraft shows snow covered mountains in India's Ladakh union territory on 16 May, 2024.
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Ahmed, a 30-year-old pro-Turkish Syrian fighter using a pseudonym, carries his son as they walk in a field at a location in Syria's northern Aleppo province on 26 April, 2024. In recent months, at least 1,000 pro-Turkish Syrian fighters have been sent to Niger "to protect Turkish projects and interests," says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor.
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