TOP SHOTS (8 March 2023)

Purple-rumped Sunbird (Moutushi) is in an attempt to sip honey from Bombax malabaricum.
Photo: Saddam Hossain
Trijiban Chakma has cultivated sunflower on a pilot basis for producing oil. He expects to be benefited from a bumper production. The picture is taken from Bhuo Adam of Naniarchar in Rangamati on 7 March.
Photo: Supriyo Chakma
Pineapplesare highly popular in the districts of the northern region. The fruits havearrived from Rangamati. A maund is being sold at Tk 1000 to Tk 1200 in thewholesale market.  The picture was takenfrom the station road in Bogura town.
Photo: Soyel Rana
Prices of cabbage have decreased. A cabbage is being sold at Tk 2-3. Farmer Noyon Chandra Roy is picking cabbage to feed cattle. The picture was taken from Baraipara of Mitapukur in Rangpur.
Photo: Mainul Islam