TOP SHOTS (7 May 2024)

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Following the heatwave, black clouds hover over a crowd at the Edward College ground. Though there were clouds, it didn’t rain in the end. Photo taken in Pabna on 6 May
Hasan Mahmud
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It is the harvesting season. Farmers hired the horse-drawn carts to transport paddies from the field to their homes. In return of their service, drivers of the carts return home with their share of paddies. Photo taken from Atgharia upazila in Pabna on 7 May.
Hasan Mahmud
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Boro paddy is being harvested across the country. Some are harvesting the paddies, while some are threshing them and some others are laying them to dry. After drying the paddies, farmers winnow them on the side of the road. Photo taken from Unaisar area in Cumilla on 7 May.
M Sadek
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Many people will come to enjoy a boat ride in the river when the heat will reduce in the afternoon. A series of boats are tied on the banks for them to hire. Photo taken from Kalitola Groyen embankment in Bogura’s Sariakandi on 7 May.
Soyel Rana
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For the last two days, it has been raining intermittently in Sylhet. After the rain, the sun shone again. Two students walk towards school on a sunny morning. Photo taken from Kazirbazar bridge in Sylhet on 7 May.
Anis Mahmud
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