TOP SHOTS (9 March 2023)

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Construction workers board precariously on a Votvoti- a type of locally-manufactured illegal vehicle. This picture was taken from Satkania Government College road in Chattogram on 8 March.
Mamun Muhammad
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An amateur fisherman is fishing using a net locally known as ‘China Dwari’ net. Even the smallest of fish are not spared when China Dowari is used in fishing. Although use of this type of trap is illegal, no one seems to care about the ban. This picture was taken from Ujanchar area in Rajbari’s Goalanda on 9 March.
M Rashedul Haque
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The demands of puffed rice increase many folds during the month of Ramadan. A laborer is bringing sack of puffed rice from a factory to be sold at wholesale market. This picture was taken in Kalighat area in Sylhet on 9 March
Anis Mahmud
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People search the rubble of a house following a Russian strike in the village of Velyka Vilshanytsia, some 50km from Lviv, on March 9, 2023
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Aerial view of hundreds of people attending a march in support of women's rights in the framework of International Women's Day, in Santiago on March 8, 2023