Historic Miah Bari mosque in pictures

Karapur Miah Bari Mosque is one of the most ancient heritage monuments believed to be constructed in the eighteenth century. It is located at Miah Bari of Karapur Union, just about ten kilometers away from the Barishal district town.

A flight of steps leads to the roof of the structure from the ground, where the main prayer hall is found. The high plinth or platform gives a majestic look to the Miah Bari Mosque.

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Karapur Miah Bari Mosque
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3.02m wide single flight of steps leads to the roof of the platform from the ground.
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The arched shaped substructure is currently used as prayer hall.
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Floral design minarets are seen
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Front elevation of Miah Bari Mosque
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The domes have an octagonal shoulder and are crowned with elongated finials.