The office interior resonates with IT offices you have watched on Hollywood movies or on Youtube. It is not 'all work and no play' for the employees in this office. Rather they may play table tennis or table football at their workplace. 

With all these play and fun, 32-year-old Bangladeshi entrepreneur Kawser Ahmed's IT company Joomshaper did some amazing work that led it to the top.
Joomshaper, a Joomla CMS template selling Bangladeshi company, has been ranked fourth among the Joomla-based website companies worldwide.
Joomla is a content management system on which different applications can be created on websites.
Website template is a premade website design while interested customers can buy any template from the online market.
Textile engineer Kawser Ahmed started making website templates and selling it on his website ( rather than going for any other online marketplace.
Currently, Joomshaper has 88 Joomla templates on its website and a new one added in every month. Customers have to subscribe to different packages ranging from $59 to $ 229 to download website templates.
More than 4.5 million website templates have been downloaded from Joomshaper so far.
Joomla World Conference 2016 will be held at Vancouver in Canada on 11-13 November where Joomshaper is a gold sponsor. The organisation has also been sponsoring Joomla conferences in India, Malaysia, USA, Poland and elsewhere around the globe since the last year.
"The world should know that a company from Bangladesh can also become sponsors of such programmes," Kawser said.
The route to success was not so smooth for Kawser in the beginning. He saved up Tk 7,500 to buy a second-hand computer when he was a student of Textile College (now Bangladesh Textile University) in 2006. There was no internet connection in his hostel even. But Kawser's determination could not stop him from learning programming. He used to go to cyber cafes to hone his skills. Kawser initially was doing software development and desktop programming, but then delved into making website templates. And then, Joomshaper started its journey. Employees of Joomshapers were not dedicated when the company started, Kawser recalled the memories of old days.
Kawser then decided to recruit employees who are dedicated, humble and have the zeal to work. And eventually, Joomshaper became a team with passion and dedication.
He said this is the key to his company's success.
This young entrepreneur dreams to take his company to the top someday.