What do astronauts eat in the space?

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Space food is pictured at the European Astronaut Centre of the European Space Agency ESA in Cologne. ReutersAstronauts, according to the NASA, eat three meals a day -- breakfast, lunch and dinner,just as on Earth.

The way they eat in the space, however, is entirely different than earth dwellers. And definitely gravity dictates food culture in the space as the astronauts usually live in zero-gravity. 

Astronauts’ food list

The food list includes nuts, peanut butter, chicken, beef, seafood, candy, brownies, etc. Drinks, according to the NASA, include coffee, tea, orange juice, fruit punches and lemonade.

Space food also include the condiments ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

The astronauts can consume salt and pepper but that must be in liquid form.

Sprinkling salt and pepper is dangerous for astronauts. The sprinkled salt or pepper can be clogged in their eyes, mouth or in their eyes.

How do they eat their meals?

Space food is pictured at the European Astronaut Centre of the European Space Agency ESA in Cologne. ReutersThe astronauts' meals are usually tasty and nutritious. Space meals, according to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, must be light-weight and compact. The food is provided in disposable containers or tubes, while some food is in the form of tablets.

Brownies and fruits can be eaten in their natural forms whereas the other items need additional water. When astronauts eat macaroni and cheese or spaghetti in space, they need to add water to the items before eating.

As there is no refrigerator in the space station, the astronauts must avoid food spoilage.

How many calories does an astronaut need?

Calorie intake varies among the space-goers as per their size. A small astronaut requires 1,900 calories a day while a big person demands 3,200 calories.

Oven for astronauts

Yes, astronauts who have planned a long stay in space, have ovens in the space station. They can heat their food within a certain temperature. But, they do not have refrigerators.

How many astronauts are in space right now?

According to the worldspaceflight.com, there are six people staying in space at the moment.

As many as 562 people have been shown up in space since 1960 when Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin travelled to space for the first time.

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