"It was hard because I didn't know what I was appealing for ... I could have asked some of the other boys to see if they had a better view but thought I would get on with the game."

Asked whether he would appeal for a similar incident at the World Cup, Buttler said: "Maybe."

Wade was criticised heavily on social media for blocking Wood, and his former test team mate Usman Khawaja said on Twitter: "Can't believe (England) didn't appeal."

Australia all-rounder Marcus Stoinis defended Wade.

"There's a lot that goes on there when you get hit in the head and you're running around," he told reporters.

"You don't know where the ball is ... it is chaos."

Dismissals for obstructing the field are rare in cricket but England all-rounder Ben Stokes fell foul of the rule when he blocked a throw at the stumps from bowler Mitchell Starc in a 2015 ODI against Australia at Lord's.

Stokes was given out after Wade appealed for his wicket from behind the stumps.

The series moves to Canberra on Wednesday.