"I think with all the players, just tried to rebuild their confidence. South Africa was pretty devastating to be bowled out for 53 and 80. Then they had to front up against a really good bowling attack. I didn't have much to do with them apart from the last two weeks. Touching on little things but nothing more than building them up, talking to them about the discipline they need to play Test cricket. That's what they showed so far."

Siddons was especially happy for young Mahmudul Hasan Joy who came back strongly after getting a pair of duck in the second Test against South Africa.


"Joy batted beautifully. Opening the batting is not an easy job. The job that they did yesterday, set up today. Yesterday was very tough after almost two days of fielding in very, very hot condition. They were none for 76 yesterday, and then continued on today. Tamim's performance is fantastic."

"It is confidence, understanding what their game plan is. They executed it beautifully. If you noted, there was no big shots in the air, apart from Litton a couple of times. Everyone was super disciplined. Knocking the bails off Mushi, that's what we asked him to do."

Siddons however expected Tamim to be fully fit for batting tomorrow as he said the hot weather troubled him much, causing the cramps.

"After two days in the field and batting like he did in the heat and running between the wickets. It takes a lot out of you. I can understand that he cramped up. After a good night of taking some food and fluids, I think he will be fine tomorrow."


Siddons who was the head coach of Bangladesh earlier in 2008-2012 urged the batters to keep the discipline in a bid to outscore Sri Lanka's first innings total and gain a good lead.

"I am always hopeful that we will put a score on the board. It is our conditions. It is a very good batting wicket. Dhaka will be a little harder to bat on. But we still has to bat with discipline to outscore the opposition," he remarked.

"I think if we can bat the day tomorrow, and then try to bowl them out in a day, that'll be a very good effort regardless of whatever we can get out of it. If they serve up some bad bowling, and if we go on the attack. We need another 70 runs to get a lead. We have some more talented batters still to come."

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