Nazmul Hassan on Mashrafe becoming BCB president

BCB president Nazmul Hasan and former captain MashrafeFile photo
Even if I am not in this cricket board, cricket will always be with me. It cannot be removed from my heart
Nazmul Hassan, minister for youth and sports, BCB president

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan has been given the responsibility of the youth and sports ministry of the Bangladesh government. Nazmul Hassan, elected from the Kishoreganj-6 constituency, said after taking the new responsibility that he wants to give up his BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) responsibilities as soon as possible. Discussions are on as to who will become the next president of the board. The name of former captain Mashrafe bin Mortaza popped up. Nazmul explained why Mashrafe can’t be board president right now.  

According to the BCB constitution Nazmul is supposed to be the president till the next election that will be held in October 2025. But on Friday Nazmul informed the press notwithstanding any legal embargo in either ICC or country’s law of fulfilling both the responsibilities, he wants to step down as BCB president, following the necessary procedure this year.

He said, “There is no problem in the law, this is the big thing. The thing is, if I am in both, then naturally it may seem that I have a little more focus on cricket. It's everyone's idea, it's not unnatural. Although I say, even if I am not in this cricket board, cricket will always be with me. It cannot be removed from my heart.”

But Nazmul also has logic leaving the cricket board. “It will be good If I depart. Then people will not suspect that I am priorotising cricket. Because I want to pay attention to both, but according to priority.”

Nazmul, who became BCB chief for a third term, had another reason, “I did not want to be president this term. I had no wish but I had to become president. I have been saying this before, this is my last term. Now, as I have got a new responsibility, it will be good if I can step down. But I will not do anything that will harm Bangladesh cricket. I will keep that in mind. I will do what is good for cricket. I will leave if I can do so in the right way, but before coming out I will also make sure that there will be no problem. What will happen next will depend a lot on the situation. Many things I never thought I would do, but now they are happening.”

Nazmul Hasan claims that it is not an easy process to leave the responsibility of BCB, “The first thing is that you cannot leave if you want. We have seen that in the case of Zimbabwe, they were almost banned for two years, and we have seen it in the case of Sri Lanka. I think it is not right to take any hasty decision, which can harm the country's cricket.”

Nazmul also hinted about communicating with ICC regarding the matter, “One option is I have to talk with them (ICC). Two things are very important here. One is that the ICC wants its elected body (select committee) to complete its full term. Another is the ICC tenure. When the term of ICC is over then there is a chance to think and talk to them and come out. But in that case, the BCB president must be one of the directors of the board now. It means there is no chance for anyone to come from outside.”

The social media is rife with curiosity about the two former cricketers Mashrafe and Shakib al Hasan becoming board president. But that is not possible in the BCB’s election process.

Nazmul explained the matter, “First of all he has to acquire council membership. Then he has to be elected to the board. Those who are elected to the board will decide who will be the president. The process is very easy. Now let's assume that I have all the board members, only one or two are new. Among the seniors here are Siraj Bhai, Bobby Bhai, Jalal Yunus, Mahbub ul Anam. Also, among the cricketers who are senior, Akram Khan, Durjoy, Sujan - there are many. It is hard to say who they will choose. There is no opportunity to come from outside.

He further added, if I am no longer on the board there is no question of suggesting. If I suggest it will be an influence. The one who will be president must be accepted by all. If all from the board does not accept it, how will the board run? This is most crucial. I think it has to be decided through discussions of those who will be the directors of the board.”