Shakib had been playing for Gemcom Khulna in the Bangabandhu T20 Cup, but had to leave for the US before the final due to his father-in-law’s condition. But wife Umme Ahmed Shishir’s father passed away before he could reach the US.

Mumtaz Ahmed was from Narsingdi district in Bangladesh. Once Shakib reaches the US, it will be decided whether Mumtaz Ahmed’s body will be brought back to the country or not.

Two days before his father-in-law’s death, Shakib’s uncle (fufa) Omar Ali, 66, died on Monday. He was buried at Magura.

Shakib hadn’t picked up pace in his performance after returning to competitive cricket though the Bangabandhu T20 tournament.

In the 9 matches he played for Khulna in the tournament, he averaged 12.22, scoring 110 runs and taking 6 wickets. His performance may have been poor, but his team is in the finals. Shakib had to leave before the semi finals.

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