I became the district champion in cricket as well as in discus throw last year
Jasmine Khatun, discus throw champ

She is from Halya village in Kurigram Sadar upazila. Her father Md Jamir Uddin is a day labourer and mother Shahzadi Begum a housewife.

They live an almost hand-to-mouth life and have nothing but their homestead.

After passing the Primary Education Completion (PEC) exam, her parents wanted Jasmine to focus on household chores, instead continuing her studies.

However, she somehow managed to convince her mother and got admitted to the Ghogadaha Maleka Khatun Girls High School in 20018. She has to walk almost 3 kilometers to attend classes at the school.

Jasmine’s life took a different turn at the school.

She used to stand on school corridor and see the other girls playing in the playground during tiffin break and before starting class. But she never dared to join.

One day her friends forced her to play cricket because they didn't have enough players.

However, the incident came as a blessing in Jasmine’s life as her performance drew appreciation from others. She became a regular member of the school cricket team.

“Headmaster Abdul Malek one day asked me, what do you want to be? An athlete, I replied without delay. Since then, I didn't have to look back. All, including Malek Sir, encouraged me and arranged training. I am here today thanks to their financial support,” Jasmine said.

She is now a tenth grader. Her parents attempted to get her married off just one year ago for the last time.

Jasmine said her family used to receive marriage proposals frequently. But those did not bear fruit due to her strong denial.

But last year, her parents were desperate to get her married. Having no other option in hand, she apprised her teachers of the issue who stepped in to convince her parents and canceled the marriage.

Jasmine said, “Sohel Rana and Abdul Matin Sir trained me at the Kurigram stadium. Their training improved my performance a lot. Besides, physical education teacher Runi Ma'am always helped me in different ways. After taking full training, I became the district champion in cricket as well as in discus throw last year.”

Her mother Shahzadi Begum said, “We are poor and have to struggle to finance Jasmine’s studies. Sometimes we feel bad hearing different criticism about my daughter. That is why we attempted to get her married.”

However, her parents finally changed their mind and decided that they will not push Jasmine for marriage anymore.

Headmaster Abdul Malek said the school authorities encourage Jasmine by providing all sorts of assistance.

Jasmine is interested in both studies and sports. She has set an example by preventing her own marriage, added the headmaster.

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