Klopp had already responded to the takeover rumours by stressing his commitment to fulfilling a contract that runs until 2026.

The German has always had a good relationship with the owners but, while he admits a boost to the club’s finances would be welcome, he sees no reason to concern himself by what happens next at boardroom level.

“In the structure we had, we were obviously able to spend money, but we always had to look and say what did we earn?” Klopp told reporters on Friday.

“The two biggest transfers we did in the past with Ali (Alisson Becker) and Virg (Virgil van Dijk), we all know how it happened, we got some money from Barcelona (£142million for Philippe Coutinho) and spent it wisely, I would say.

“For me, how we did it so far brought us to where we are. But fresh money is no mistake, let me say it like this!

“Nothing gets cheaper, and not only because of the inflation rate. Sometimes you have to spend.

“I have no idea what will happen, but I am positive about it. If in the end it is not positive, then I can start worrying, but I just think everything will be fine.”