We need to have fun: Spain coach

Spain coach Luis Enrique speaks with the Spain players during trainingReuters

Spain manager Luis Enrique says his daily streaming sessions to Spain fans during the World Cup are part of efforts to keep a fun vibe in his team's camp, and he brushed off talk of having strict rules for his players in Qatar.

Luis Enrique took the unusual step of starting a daily Twitch livestream when his squad arrived for the World Cup to reach out directly to Spain fans. The sessions were an instant hit.

"My streaming sessions and posting, everyone can have their own reading or interpretation, I didn't start doing this with any specific goal," he told a news conference.

"There are so many cliches about training camps having to be very strict. I don't know who came up with this. Imagine how long the players are off. They have so much time off to be bored. Having to follow strict rules. That's ridiculous."

He said it was vital for players to be able to have a release from all the pressures that a World Cup brings.

"The only goal I set for my players...before this training camp 16 days ago, I told them we need to have fun, fun. We need to enjoy this because you have to joy in your job."

Spain play Japan in the final Group E match on Thursday, where a draw would secure Luis Enrique's team a last 16 spot, while a win would see them top the group after their 7-0 drubbing of Costa Rica and 1-1 draw with Germany.

Spain's Unai Simon during training

Luis Enrique's streaming sessions have touched on all kinds of issues about the World Cup and life in the Spain camp, including, according to some media reports, light-hearted jokes about his players' sex lives.

He said it was important for his players to get days off too and see family

"They're football players. Some of them are young boys. They have family children, who have to act with normalcy

"Having a day off after 10 days of a training camp. It's not crazy. To go out for a walk with your wife, family members. That's a good sign.

"Yes, they're under so much pressure."