MakeItIconic campaign launched for promoting French outlook ahead of Paris 2024 Olympic

MakeItIconic campaign launched for promoting French outlook ahead of Paris 2024 Olympic

France has launched a global campaign that sends a “powerful signal” to the international community and highlights efforts to build on the country’s strengths - industrial and economic dynamism, innovation potential, and cultural and artistic vitality.

MakeItIconic campaign has been launched to promote the French outlook ahead of the upcoming Olympics to be held in France in 2024.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the biggest event ever organised in France. The Olympic Games will take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024.

“In France, we believe that it's thanks to our audacity that we change things. That audacity is reflected in our heritage and permeates all dimensions,” reads a press release received from the French embassy in Dhaka.

Investing in France or choosing French companies and products means promoting economic, technological and ecological development that benefits everyone, according to the campaign message.

The French economy seeks the right balance between competitiveness and sustainability.

Traveling in France means choosing multifaceted experiences, to admire both the splendor of its landscapes and its humanist spirit, reads the press release.

Tourism in France is responsible and environmentally friendly.
Savoring what France has to offer means choosing innovative agriculture and culinary arts that are great to eat and good for the planet, sustainable agriculture that feeds both the soil and people, and gastronomy that is open to international cuisine and the blending of various cultures, it said.

The campaign message mentioned that experiencing France means choosing a system where culture and education stimulate the mind, where education integrates the challenges of today and those of tomorrow, where culture is in motion, engaged in international dialogue, and enables young talent to flourish.

It said making commitments alongside France means committing to a world that is fairer and more sustainable and sharing solutions with a strong environmental and social impact, for the common good of humanity, according to the campaign message.

“Audacity drives us when it comes to both practical skills and social skills, and enables us to build a fairer world, in the service of universal progress,” it said, adding that the aim of this campaign is to highlight France as it is.
France was behind the historic success of the Paris Agreement. “Our collective responsibility is to preserve this achievement and make it flourish.”

On a global scale and particularly in Europe, thanks to the ambitious reforms instituted in recent years, France stands out as a country conducive to investment and innovation, said the media release.
In 2022, France ranked 1st in Europe in terms of foreign investment, for the fourth consecutive year.

It has even ranked 1st in Europe for industrial investments for 20 years and for R&D projects since 2018.