BFF Election-2020: Kazi Salahuddin’s rival panel formed


Bangladesh District and Divisional Football Association and Football Club Association formed a panel named “Samonnya Parishad” to contest the BFF Election 2020 to be held at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel on 3 October.

Sheikh Aslam, Mohiuddin Mohi and Sheikh Maruf-led panel will compete in 19 posts out of 21, except president and one vice president, against the sitting president Kazi Mohammad Salahuddin–led 21-member Sammillita Parishad panel making the BFF election exciting one.


The Samonnya Parishad failed to give candidate for the hot seat of BFF president as the long serving BFF vice president Badal Roy withdrew his candidature (after expiry of date line) for the supreme post of BFF due his critical health condition.

However, the name of Badal Roy will be included in the ballot paper as president candidate alongwith Kazi Salahuddin and Shafiqul Islam Manik for his late withdrawal. Now, it will be open for the councilors to vote for any of the three president candidates.

Moreover, three candidates--Mohiuudin Ahmed Mohi, Sheikh Mohammad Maruf Hasan and SM Abdullah Al Fuad Redwan—will compete from Samonnoya Parishad in the four posts of vice president in the ensuing BFF polls.

Former national striker Sheikh Mohammad Aslam who earlier challenged sitting senior vice president Abdus Salam Murshedy MP in the post, will lead the Samonnoya Parishad, in absence of president candidate.


Earlier on last Sunday (13 Sept), the chief election commissioner Mesbah Uddin, officially published the final candidates list with ballot numbers, including Badal Roy, who submitted a late withdrawal application, as one of the three candidates for the hot seat of BFF President.

As per final candidate list, 47 candidates will compete for the 21 posts of the BFF Executive Committee--three for the hot seat of president, two for the senior vice president, eight for vice president and 34 for executive members in the BFF Poll to be held on 3 October.

Some 139 councilors of BFF will exercise their voting right to elect one president, one senior vice president, four vice presidents and 15 EC members from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in the capital, followed by its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the same venue on the day.

Salahuddin, who has ruled the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for the last twelve years as president, will face a challenge from his fellow ex-national footballer, as well as ex-national coach Shafiqul Islam Manik, apart from Badal Roy.

Manik, 52, who trained national football team and a number of leading BPL teams, surprisingly came to scenario in the last moment collecting nomination paper for the hot seat of BFF on the last day of nomination distribution on the last day, somehow made the BFF election meaningful after prospective candidate Tarafder Md Ruhul Amin declined to compete in BFF Election '20 in the dying moment.

Final candidate lists with ballot number (in bracket):

President: Kazi Mohammad Salahuddin (1), Badal Roy (2), Md Shahfiqul Islam Manik (3).

Senior Vice President: Abdus Salam Murshedy MP (1), Sheikh Mohammad Aslam (2).

Vice President: Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohi (5), Tabith Awal (4), Sheikh Mohammad Maruf Hasan (8), SM Abdullah Al Fuad Ridwan (2), Kazi Nabil Ahmed MP (3), Amirul Islam Babu (1), Ataur Rahman Bhuiyan Manik (6), and Imrul Hasan (7) .

EC member: Abdul Wadud Pintu (3), Mohammad Sabbir Hosssin (14), Mohidur Rahman Miraj (11), Manjurul Ahsan (10), Imtiaz Sultan Jony (18), Hazi Mohammad Rafiq (25), ANM Aminul Haque Mamun (20), Arif Hosssin Moon (16), Mohammad Saiful Islam (24), Syed Mustaq Ali Mukul (32), Mohammad Ameer Khan (15) , Hazi Tipu Sultan ( 8), Shahkawat Hosssin Bhuiyan Shahin (31), Fazlur Rahman Babul (21), Hasnuzzaman Khan Bablu (28), Saifur Rahman Moni (23), Mizanur Rahman,(13), Zakir Hossain Chowdhury (7) , Raihan Kabir (26), Harun ur Rashid (34), Shawkat Ali Khan Jahangir (27) Satyajit Das Rupu (30), Elias Hosssin (19), Bijon Barua (9), Amit Khan Shuvro (1), Iqbal Hossain (17), Mohiuddin Ahmed Salim (22), Mahfuza Akhter Kiron (12), Asaduzzaman Mithu (4), Kamrul Hasan Hilton (6), Syed Riazul Karim (33), Imtiaz Hamid Sabuj (5), Nurul Islam Nuru (20), Shakil Mahmud Chowdury (29),

BFF president Kazi Salahuddin-led 21-member Sammillita Parishad panel are:

President: Kazi Mohammad Salahuddin, senior vice president: Abdus Salam Murshedy MP,

Vice presidents: Kazi Nabil Ahmed MP, Amirul Islam Babu, Imrul Hasan and Ataur Rahman Manik.

Members: Harun ur Rashid, Shawkat Ali Khan Jahangir, Satyajit Das Rupu, Elias Hosssin, Bijon Barua, Amit Khan Shuvro, Iqbal Hossain, Mohiuddin Ahmed Salim , Md Zakir Hossain, Mahfuza Akhter Kiron, Asaduzzaman Mithu, Kamrul Hasan Hilton, Syed Riazul Karim, Imtiaz Hamid Sabuj and Nurul Islam Nuru.

Samonnoya Parishad Panel:

Senior vice president: Sheikh Mohammad Aslam.

Vice president: Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohi, Sheikh Mohammad Maruf Hasan and SM Abdullah Al Fuad Ridwan

EC members: Abdul Wadud Pintu , Mohammad Sabbir Hosssin, Mohidur Rahman Miraj , Manjurul Ahsan , Imtiaz Sultan Jony, Arif Hosssin Moon, Mohammad Saiful Islam , Syed Mustaq Ali Mukul, Mohammad Ameer Khan , Hazi Tipu Sultan, Fazlur Rahman Babul, Hasnuzzaman Khan Bablu, Mizanur Rahman, ANM Aminul Haque Mamun and Shakil Mahmud Chowdury.