He took to social media for congratulating Sayem on his success. In his post, the Md Mostafizur said it was a great achievement for both the university and the department.

“Sayem had earlier represented the university in International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) and National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) through Team ‘Robotrush’. I am proud to be the official coach of this team in 2017-2020. Congratulations and best wishes for him. I hope other students of BU will follow his path,” said the post.

Talking to UNB, Abu Sayem said that all those who study at CSE want to get a job in tech company like Google. “I also had the same dream. I used to participate in programming contests since I was a first-year student.”

“When I was in the 7th semester, I got an offer from Singapore. But I waited for an offer from Google which was my major target,” he said.

Google’s interview process is long and difficult, he said adding that his interview started in November last year.

“After going through many rounds and processes for months, I finally got the offer yesterday,” Sayem added.

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